Development of projects for grants from EU funds

Croatian applicants have access to tenders for grants from the Integrated Pre-Accession Fund IPA, the EU Program, and the future Cohesion Fund and Structural Funds. In order to create a successful EU project, it is necessary to analyze the available EU tenders, select the tender that best suits the project idea, design the project in accordance with the requirements of the tender, establish a project partnership and fill in the tender documentation.

Therefore, knowledge of EU funds, acceptable EU tenders and the methodology of design , planning and preparation of EU projects is crucial for obtaining EU grants .

Project management and communication and implementation planning including milestones, risk management planning, project team management, integrated implementation approach, financial management and cash flow planning, administrative management of project documentation and implementation consulting.

Experience to date shows that due to poor planning and non-compliance with procedures, the vast majority of beneficiaries fail to use 100% of the planned funds, and it often happens that beneficiaries have to return the allocated grant funds if they do not achieve the planned goals (project application). 

We are a company with extensive experience in writing, applying, implementing and evaluating EU projects and projects funded through other Croatian institutions.
So far, more than 100 projects have been successfully developed and implemented in this business segment  , and with its work and success it has become a  leading consulting  company  specializing  in  EU projects .

Development of business plans  

If you do not have enough money of your own to finance the entire project , it is crucial to secure sources of funding in time (both long-term and short-term). It is a process that begins with a quality business plan, in which we present our project and the interest that investors can find in it in a clear, precise and well-argued way . Every request for a loan, lease or some other type of financing is accompanied by the preparation, at least of a business plan , and for financially significant investment study projects .

We provide the service of creating a business plan, which is the most important initial step for investors because it aims to elaborate the initial idea in detail . In addition, we perform the service of preparing documentation for obtaining loans from commercial banks and HBOR, and we advise our clients on the easiest and fastest way to obtain credit funds from one of the commercial banks or HBOR.